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Miko Aiba (相羽 命 Aiba Mikoto) is a heroine of Cross Edge.


Miko's parents died while she was young, so some of her other relatives raised her. From a young age, she was able to see beings, known as "spirits". Despite having such a unique ability, none of the members of her current family wanted anything to do with her, so they sent her elsewhere. After befriending York Neely, their family accepted her into their home. Eventually, she aged into becoming a normal girl, her ability to see spirits diminishing.

However, she began having mysterious nightmares that she keeps to herself.

Miko excels in martial arts, education, and cooking and is able to calm down York whenever he gets mad.

Later in the game it is revealed that she is in reality the physical manifestation of the Bright Baku and is part of the world thus the reason for her nightmares of the world of Zone


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