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Michael "Mike" is a contestant on the animated series Total Drama, having competed in seasons 4 and 5. He is the tritagonist of Total Drama Revenge of the Island, and the main protagonist of Total Drama All-Stars (his alternate personality Mal, serving as the main antagonist). His label is "The Multiple Personality Disorder" because of his MPD.


Mike has dark brown hair that is spiked up in the front. He has dark tan skin and a gap in his tooth. He wears a turquoise shirt and dark blue jeans with grey sneakers.


Mike is very anxious about his MPD and is always trying to hide it, especially from Zoey. He is also kind as whenever Zoey is in danger he'll turn into Mike and save her.

Mike's Multiple Personalities[]

Mike has 5 other personalities, each having a different stereotype.


Chester was Mike's first personality introduced. He is a grumpy old man that appears when Mike gets angry. He is hunched over and always has one eye closed.


Vito is the self-centered, Italian tough guy that appears when Mike's shirt is removed, which is why Mike wears a shirt almost all the time, even when swimming and sleeping. He has slicked back hair, gold necklace, and a six pack. He is one of Mike's most troublesome personalities, as he picks fights often and flirts with Anne Maria.


Svetlana is a Russian gymnast that appears when Mike is put in an athletic situation. She has red lipstick and long eyelashes.


Manitoba Smith, mainly called Manitoba is an Australian wild life expert. He appears when mike puts a fedora on. He is really good at finding treasure, as seen in the episode Evil Dread.


Mal is Mike's most villainous personality. Often called The Malevolent One, he is violent and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He has long hair that covers his left eye and dark lines under his eyes. He is also the personality to have taken over Mike's body longest, as he has taken control to go to juvie and be there for a while.