Michonne (pronounced MEH-SHOWN) is a fictional character from the AMC drama television series The Walking Dead. Michonne is portrayed by actress Danai Gurira. 

Armed with a katana and two zombies in chains, Michonne became a recurring character in the third season of the show in 2012. Michonne revealed very little about herself while paired with fellow survivor Andrea, though she possesses an incredibly keen sense of awareness and trusts very few people. She instantly clashes with the deceptive and manipulating character known as The Governor during her stay in Woodbury, Georgia and ultimately leaves Andrea behind. Michonne becomes wounded during an altercation with The Governor's hit man Merle. She finds her way to a prison and joins forces with the survivors there, including Rick and his son Carl. Returning to Woodbury, Michonne kills The Governor's zombified daughter and puts out one of his eyes, but fails to kill him due to the timely intervention of Andrea. Michonne's sense of trust and stability is again shaken when The Governor retaliates and destroys the prison. In the ensuing struggle, she stabs him through the chest with her sword, exacting her revenge for the deaths of her friends Andrea and Hershel. Michonne eventually finds Rick and Carl again during the fourth season of the show. She bonds particularly with Carl at this time, revealing to him that she had a young son who died shortly after the apocalypse began. The traumatic event, in addition to losing her boyfriend Mike, caused Michonne to shut down emotionally.  

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