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Michelle Stevenson is the Heroine of T.R.A.G. - Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission of Mercy (Hard Edge).


  • Affiliation: Alex Bullet
  • Occupation: Consumer of Knife a Member
  • Hair Color: Green


Alex and the same consumer of knife a member of the Special Forces. In Otokomasari personality, male tone. But there is also said feminine place when you silence to see the underwear of men's things. Opportunity to speak to as the second half is less. According to the capture book of developer interviews, and fight with knives and at the same time is a weapon that suits them, to say that this is because it was saved thanks to the knife when it was in an accident at an early age. When equipped with a hidden weapon to change the costume of the Middle East-style. Combat uniform has become a thing obtained by combining the body suit of white leotard and blue.