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Mia Marconi, also known as Mia Genovese or simply Mia, is the main character of Mia and Me.

She is a bright but awkward girl who loves all animals, especially horses. Mia can travel to the magical land of Centopia with the help of her special book and bracelet.


In the human world, Mia has brown hair.

When she transforms into an elf, she has pink hair. She normally wears her bracelet and friendship ring.


Mia was sent to boarding school in the beginning of the series. In the first episode, her aunt gave her a book, which her father wanted to give her on her birthday but wasn't able to because he disappeared after a car crash. In the book Mia re-discovers Centopia, a world her father told her the stories of when she was a small child. She meets Phuddle, Lyria, Yuko, and Mo. They all become friends. Later she discovers that Centopia isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Later she's in when the unicorn Onchao was born and they become close friends.


Mia is a very loving and brave elf. She would risk everything for her friends and Centopia, so she often protects Onchao when danger threatens. Throughout the series, she often shows great courage when she puts herself in dangerous situations just to save Centopia. For example, she puts herself in mortal danger as she could be imprisoned by the night ranks to protect Baby Blue's dragon eggs and the other dragons. One time she sacrificed herself for Centopia to obtain a piece of the Heart Crystal. She remains courageous throughout and continues not to tell Dax and Gargona so as not to betray her friends. In addition, she is very helpful, as she does not hesitate for a moment to do something to prevent her grandfather's farm from being auctioned off. She has a strong bond with all animals including unicorns, horses, cats and bluebardos.


Mia's main skill is being able to talk to unicorns because she is the only elve that has this ability. She has a close bond to almost every unicorn.