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Mew is a Psychic-Type Mythical Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. It is said to be the ancestor of all Pokemon.


Mew is a small, pink, anthropomorphic cat-like Pokemon with small ears and arms, blue eyes, large feet, and a very long, thin tail that ends in a large bulge. It has three fingers and toes and orange paw pads on the bottom of its feet. Shiny Mew are blue instead of pink.

Abilities and Powers

Mew's DNA contains the genetic composition of every Pokemon. This enables it to learn and use every known move, which already gives it a wide variety of powers. It has the ability to transform into any Pokemon, and like many other Mythical Pokemon, it can turn invisible to keep others from noticing it. Mew has strong psychic powers and can fly. It has the power to teleport anywhere it wants. It can create bubbles of psychic energy for protection in battle or for other's amusement. In the Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Games), Mew can de-evolve Pokemon, but it is unknown if it can do this in the anime.


Despite being one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world, Mew is very playful and childish. It can get along with pretty much anyone and will risk its life for its friends, as seen in the movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. However, Mew is very shy, and for good reasons. Because of its great power and the knowledge it possesses, many evil organizations are after Mew. When approached by humans, Mew often responds by turning invisible, transforming, teleporting, or simply flying away. It often uses these powers to escape humans instead of fighting, but it will defend itself if it has to. As mentioned before, Mew is very playful. It enjoys playing with its friends as well as children's toys. It often "battles" by copying its opponent's moves.