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  • Hi,

    I was a bit surprise today to find out that one of my images was used in your article about motu character orko.

    An even bigger surprise was to see that there was no mention of it's author (which is me) anywhere, and after a few clicks reading that my file was "in the public domain".

    Well it's not.

    Since I made it as fan art of a childhood character I liked, I'm glad to see it on a fan wiki page, but please understand that the least you can do when you want to use an image that doesn't belong to you, is to mention it's author/owner.

    So I'm not asking you to remove the file from wikia, but please straighten things, remove the public domain thing, make appropriate mentions of authoring and either link to my website or deviantart page:

    Thanks for your understanding and quick actions,

    You can reach me on my e-mail

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