FBI bureau chief, lawyer. Born Melvin Horace Purvis on October 24, 1903. He is best known as the federal agent responsible for bringing several notorious criminals to justice, among them, the outlaws John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Adam Richetti.Among his other credits, Purvis was responsible for bringing about the conviction of Kansas City gangster Adam Richetti by serving as a key witness at his trial in the Union Station Massacre of 1933. He also spearheaded the raid that led to the capture of Vern Sankley, another Public Enemy No. 1 who faced charges of abduction, but who killed himself before he could be brought to trial. Beyond Dillinger, the most notorious gangster to be overthrown was Lester. M Gillis, a.k.a. Baby Face Nelson, who died in a Purvis-led shootout in Chicago on November 27, 1934.

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