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Princess Melody, also simply known as Melody, is the main protagonist from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She is Queen Ariel and King Eric's 12-year-old daughter, the granddaughter of King Triton and Queen Athena, and the niece of Ariel's sisters. She is also the princess of her father's kingdom and a human-mermaid hybrid.


Melody is a sassy, tomboyish, and socially anxious but well-mannered princess with an adventurous spirit. She inherited her mother's natural curiosity as well as her father's determination. Her parents wanted her to enjoy ordinary life throughout her childhood and tried to suppress her Atlantican nature to keep her from harm. But unfortunately, they underestimated how much her mermaid half would affect her life.

As her Atlantican nature kept resurfacing in her, Melody kept feeling more and more drawn to the ocean without knowing why and compelled her to collect all sorts of items from the sea, a parallel to her mother at age sixteen only in reverse. More often than not, Melody found herself incapable of fitting in with children her age due to her mermaid half, making her appear out of place, such as talking to marine creatures and pretending she has a tail in the eyes of her peers. Because of this, Melody was shunned by her peers throughout her childhood, which had highly adverse effects on her; Melody became socially inept, insecure, and even self-loathing to a small extent. Eventually, she came to believe that she had no place in the world. But once she discovered the existence of merpeople, Melody immediately wished to live among them, believing them to be the only ones in the world who could empathize with her and relate to her.

However, after becoming a mermaid, Melody matured from that mindset as she slowly began to see that she was still the same person she was before and that life in the ocean wasn't better but merely different. She ultimately realized that what she truly wanted was not to be a mermaid but accepted for who she was. As such, she gained a better perception of herself and the world and found out that a life of honesty and self-acceptance was the only key to her happiness. Despite no longer wishing to be a mermaid, Melody still retains her passion for the sea and shows much joy in getting to know her grandfather and aunts, as her heart belongs to the ocean just as much as it does to the land.

Throughout the film, Melody displays multiple signs of social anxiety disorder, such as her inability to maintain eye contact during conversations, have general shyness, dislike for attention, and dislike for most social encounters. As part of her social anxiety, Melody is also shy around attractive boys, becoming quite flustered when Alex, a handsome merboy, tried befriending her in Atlantica. She later met him again after the wall was disintegrated, with both recognizing each other. Despite her social anxiety, she is usually confident and sassy when in her comfort zone. This is evidenced by the expressive demeanor while swimming in the ocean and when she imitated Sebastian's speech in his accent as he tried to lecture her about the consequences of sneaking out into the ocean.

Unlike her mother, Melody doesn't seem to care much for her femininity, as evidenced by her lack of interest in activities often associated with girls and her interest in physical activities.

Despite this, Melody is far more innocent in comparison to Ariel when she was with her family, as unlike Sebastian warning Ariel about Ursula (Morgana's sister) and Ariel ignoring him, in contrast to Ariel, Sebastian nor Ariel's parents never tell Melody about Morgana in time and Melody had a reason not to trust Ariel; when she tried to warn Melody in the climax as she had lied to her about her heritage. Ariel should have explained the truth about Melody's locket, her heritage and told her about Morgana or she could have easily her kingdom could have moved somewhere far from the ocean to avoid any conflict with Morgana. Though she is a bit misguided and assumed the wrong message about her mother. It took the realization of Morgana's true nature for her to finally learn Ariel's true intentions.

Physical appearance[]

Melody is a beautiful, yet tomboyish twelve-year-old girl. She is the height of a ten-year-old though she is 12 years old. She has straight jet-black hair, most often tied back in a low ponytail by a hair tie, pink lips, aqua blue eyes and is always barefoot. She seems to have inherited a relatively even blend of traits from her parents: She inherited her mother's eyes, nose, facial structure, and beautiful singing voice, as heard in "For A Moment", a duet between Melody and her mother; Eric gave Melody his skin tone, smile, and thick eyebrows. Melody's hairstyle seems like a blend of both of her parents, as it's the same black color as Eric's while being as long as Ariel's.

For most of the film, Melody wears her undergarments, which is a separate pair of white pantalettes and a white camisole with two matching buttons and a small green bow; the pantalettes cover the bottom half of her stomach. Her hair tied in a low ponytail is adorned with a green hair tie.

At the ball, she wore a pink ball gown with dark panniers and a light pink bow on the back, a pink hair tie, and dark pink heels with white ornaments.

As a baby, she had short hair and wore a white-and-pink christening gown that resembled a seashell and a bow of the same colors.

Her casual outfit, is a Munsell yellow dress with a white contrast collar, short puffy sleeves with white trim, a bronze bodice, and her hair tie is white.

She retains her camisole in mermaid form, but a salmon-pink tail replaces her pantalettes and legs; her navel is also visible. Oddly, the merteens she meets do not notice she does not wear a typical seashell bikini top like other mermaids. Since she found it, she wears her locket that has her name on it.