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Megumi Yakushiji is a 5th Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Girl of Black Long Hair. I'm wearing Glasses. Female High School Student attending Sakura High School. Class C in the same class as Natsuno Minami. Future people who came from the ruined 2025. He met Jyuro Izumi in 2024 and became a lover. Although he is serious and does not show much emotion, he shows strong affection for Jyuro, such as being forced to be the Kurabe family. He is good at Cooking and makes lunches and dinners for Jyuro and Keitaro Miura almost every day. If you want to save Jyuro who has lost Memory, shoot a Human designated by "Magic Gun" from "Talking Cat" and return Jyuro's Memory, and Contract will be tied and Contract will be tied.


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