Rock becoming Mega Man
Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is the main hero of the Mega Man arrangement of games. Otherwise called Mega or Rock in his unique structure, he serves as something of a mascot for Capcom.

The pixel craftsmanship for Mega Man was made by the fashioner of the first amusement in the arrangement of games, Akira Kitamura (credited under the nom de plume"A.K." and later transformed into a refined delineation by Keiji Inafune. From that point forward, he has ended up one of the organization's essential unique characters and keeps on being one of the computer game industry's most unmistakable symbols. Having showed up on numerous gaming frameworks since the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mega Man has had a wide gaming group of onlookers, and his amusements keep on evolving with the perpetually changing equipment requests of advanced gaming frameworks. Mega Man's anecdotal universe can be partitioned into seven classifications, each highlighting distinctive varieties and incarnations of the same mechanical kid legend. In spite of the fact that "Mega Man," or "Rockman," is normally the name used to portray just the first Mega Man from the exemplary arrangement, it can likewise be utilized less particularly to depict the Mega Man arrangement of anecdotal works, or the gathering of adherently named principle characters inside.


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