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The Medicuboid was developed by the government with information provided by Koujiro Rinko. The Medicuboid was not designed as a continuation of the Amusphere but an extension of the NerveGear. The Medicuboid is designed/being developed for commercial use in hospitals but currently is only used to treat patients in terminal care.At the end of Mother's Rosario it is suggested that the information for the Medicuboid was actually provided by Kayaba Akihiko who had gotten Rinko to send it to the developers.


Konno Yuuki was the first and so far only mentioned tester of the Medicuboid. Her family was asked if they wanted Yuuki to participate in the clinical trials at «Yokohama North General Hospital». This proposal bothered the family but Yuuki probably agreed to it because of her expectations of this unknown virtual world. The trial machine used for testing is one that requires much maintenance and must be kept and used in an area free of dust. During testing, data from the patient and machine was collected for a few hours per day leaving Yuuki with the rest of the day to travel and explore various virtual worlds. Yuuki was in a machine for three years and provided sufficient data to complete the testing period and begin manufacturing a practical product.


The Medicuboid is described as a full bed with a white cube shaped helmet covering almost all of the head, leaving only the lips and chin exposed. There is a monitor embedded in the side of the machine which most likely indicates vital signs and above this is a plain logo that says Medicuboid.


The Medicuboid user's environment.The Medicuboid has a stronger electromagnetic output than both the NerveGear and the AmuSphere so it can make muscles completely numb and cancel out the spinal reflexes - making it possible to avoid using anesthetics which still have a small but rare risk. It has many more pulse generated components than the NerveGear and its CPU far surpasses the processing speed of the AmuSphere. The user can communicate with the outside through the speakers installed in the Medicuboid. During speech, the screen on the machine will display the message "user talking".

Known Users

Yuuki (Deceased)


At the end of Mother's Rosario, Doctor Kurahashi tells Asuna that the initial testing is complete and negotiations with the manufacturers are being held about a more practical product.The original design of the Medicuboid and the Soul Translator came from the machine that Kayaba Akihiko used to upload his brain onto the Internet and subsequently kill himself.In Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, the Medicuboid was used by Asada Shino as a means of therapy for herPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which was the result of having shot a robber to death.