Kongbot is the first robot that JB and Kaitlin faced asVR Troopers. This member of General Ivar's Machine Men army is a gorilla robot with large, spiked, mace-like fists that vaguely resembles the Nintendo character Donkey Kong, but is not based on him at all. Kongbot could launch his fists that exploded upon impact, which he did with his left fist. Unlike most mutants with projectile explosives, his fists did not regenerate. Kongbot had the upper hand in the fight against the VR Troopers, until Professor Hart informed JB that he has a Laser Lance weapon. JB then used the Laser Lance command to destroy Kongbot, he had a hard time aiming it at first while testing it out, but finally impaled Kongbot, who immediately surrendered (which would become a common theme for mutants that faced JB), but JB finished him off anyway. "The Battle Begins Part 1"

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