Max Kanté

Max Kanté, known as Pegasus is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.





As a result, he is given a glasses known as the Horse Miraculous, which when worn grant Max the ability to transform into Pegasus, his superhero alias.

As the holder of a Miraculous, Max is assisted by a small creature resembling a horse called Kaalki, who is a magical being known as a Kwami. As Pegasus, Max's signature ability is teleportation.

  • Portal creation: his special power, Voyage, allows him to create a portal to lead to another location.
  • Nigh invulnerability: he is almost invulnerable to injury.

As Gamer

  • Robot regeneration: He regenerated his robot after "saving his last level" by pushing a button on his glasses.
  • Shape-shifting: as Gamer 2.0, he was able to transform into the villains from his game.
    • Power mimicry: he is also able to their powers.


  • Genius-level intellect: Max is highly intelligent having created a robot that developed emotions and a videogame featuring akumatized villains.
  • Gaming skills: Max has almost excellent gaming skills, but failed to beat Adrien, then Marinette. When he was akumatized, he used his robot as though the game were real and put up a good fight, holding up against the robot Ladybug and Cat Noir were piloting.
  • Piloting skills: while he was akumatized, Gamer used a robot to blast at everything and everyone, and proved to be very good at controlling his mech.



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