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Max is one of Total Drama characters appears in season 5's second-half: "Pahkitew Island".


Max is obsessed with being the most diabolical mind Total Drama has ever seen. He is constantly boasting about being the personification of the word "evil", claiming that there should be a new word for how evil he is, despite not being able to think of one. In reality, however, he is a very incompetent, pathetic excuse of a villain, and usually causes more trouble for himself then he does for others. Although he has the ability to construct various technological devices, he cannot successfully pull off any of his schemes without assistance. His knowledge outside of his inventions is not much better, though. He speaks to inanimate objects or animals numerous times, and actually expects a response. He is bent on world domination; so much so that using Total Drama as a step towards it was his whole purpose of auditioning. Max himself has admitted that he has not spent his life being social, which is why he devotes so much time to being evil. Meeting other people and getting out of his laboratory-like bedroom was another goal of joining. Despite his desire to be a villain, Max sometimes acted nicely. As mentioned in his audition tape and seen in Three Zones and A Baby, Max has a soft spot for children.


  • Max is one of four grey-zone characters of pahkitew island , with the three others being Sugar ,Topher and Dave.