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Mutant is an unnamed zombie puppet, Made from wood yet the unstable spell and ritual made him pure flesh and suffering. He has the soul of Matt Deary. Matt Deary is one of the former assistants and one of the many failed puppet experiments by Dr. Magrew. In an attempt to destroy his failure, Dr. Magrew set Matt on fire in the woods and left him there to rot. His remains are later discovered by Jane Magrew while she is in the woods.


Freak looks like a shrunk down naked human with a terrified expression on his face. One half of his body is flesh like a human's and the other half is pale white and wooden. His eyes are light blue and his lips are painted red.

After Magrew had burnt him his legs were burnt off from the knee down and his left hand had completely fallen off. He was badly burnt with black charcoal covering most of his body. His brown hair had nearly all been burnt off only a little bit of it remained.


Films In Curse of the Puppet Master after the transmission process went wrong, Magrew burnt and burried it in the nearby forest. Jane found it temporarily, dropping it back noticing it is screaming, wriggling, and speaking her name.

Action Lab Comics

Freak was seen in a Nazi collector's shelf along with Kamikaze, Bombshell, Blitzkreig, Weremacht, Ninja and Tank with no explanation of how they got there other than the man has been obsessed with tracking down all of the puppets that were once alive to put in glass cases.