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Mary Katherine Bomba is the protagonist of Blue Sky Studios's animated film "Epic."



Mary Katherine, who prefers to be called "M.K.", is a tomboy who had problems communicating with her father due to of the fact that her mother, his wife, recently passed away, placing her under a lot of emotional stress. After their adventure in the forest she became more open having found what he had discovered about the Leafmen was true. She developed her sense of adventure and bravery over the course of the adventure. She had a love-interest in Nod and in the end shared a kiss with him. They still maintain communication, although the nature of their relationship with their natural size differences remains unclear other than friends.


Mary Katherine was chosen by a fatally wounded Queen Tara, who shrunk her down to Leafman size in order to entrust her with protecting for a plant-pod imbued with "the Life of the Forest", and tasked to deliver it to Nim Galuu. Which eventually she did with the help of the very tiny secret civilization her father had been obsessing over.

Physical Appearance

Mary Katherine shares her father's red hair and dark green eyes. She also inherited several characteristic from her mother. She wears her hair in a loose ponytail, with strands falling out and side bangs. Also she wore a fuschia cordovan hoodie, paired with a grey striped t−shirt, a black miniskirt, black capri leggings, and brown combat boots. Later wore a pink t-shirt.

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