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Mary is Johnnyโ€™s big sister, the baby of the family, a very loving and thoughtful sister with her friends as well as with the farm animals. She likes to play in nature with Alex, her best friend, to organize picnics with the animals, to make cookies and to take care of her brother, letting him actively take part in all her activities. She is sensitive and always ready to help her friends, but at the same time, inventive and ready for new adventures that help her discover the world even more. In order to stay in shape, she likes to do gymnastics in the morning, to ride the scooter and to help her grandpa and parents in taking care of the farm, but this does not stop her from always being tidy and ordered. Her talent is to bring her friends in a good mood and to always find inventive solutions in order to spend their time together in the most funny and lovely way, and if it happens outside then she is the happiest. Ami Onuki