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Mario Mario (or Mario Wilfred; also known as Jeffy's Dad) is one of the main characters and the titular main protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series. He is the husband of Rosalina, the adoptive father of Jeffy and the current archenemy of Goodman.


Mario was born in Italy or Japan on November 9, 1967, the same day as his brother Luigi. During his childhood, he was friends with Bowser, but Bowser would grow jealous and lose his friendship for Mario because of how much love he got from his mother Margaret, something he did not get from his own parents. When he was 11, he started a plumbing business with his brother Luigi.

During his teen years, in the 1980s, Mario went to high-school with some noteworthy characters, such as Princess Peach, Bowser, and possibly Luigi

During his high-school days, he was labeled as a "nerd", which is described with how during the 9th grade, Bowser would often throw Rubik's Cubes at him. During his senior year in 1985, he managed to get in a relationship with Princess Peach, a popular girl in his school.