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Mario is one of the main characters of Glove and Boots.

He is somtimes talking nonsense and is really reliant on Fafa's help when he's in trouble. He seems to really dislike Stewart, telling him nobody cares about him.

Mario likes to sing songs, perform magic and is best friends with Fafa. Mario plays jokes sometimes, but he means well and makes friends with everyone he meets.

He also likes things that explode.

While seeming completely naive and innocent, he has been an accomplice in hiding the body with Fafa of Dr. Seuess and roasting Dan Aykroyd.

Cultural References

  • Despite being voiced by Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi, he almost sounds like Bill Fagerbakke, the voice of Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Mario is related to Elmo from Sesame Street.



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