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Marcia "Marcie" Fleach is a recurring character on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.


  • (Simon Seville: So, Marcie Fleach. Velma Dinkley?) Simon, she's just a friend. (Simon Seville: Ah, I see how you look at her.)
  • (Brittany Miller: Velma Dinkley ditched you, huh? How sad.) For disputing her authority, that's all. (Brittany Miller: Got to respect the chain of command, Fleach.)
  • (Katrina Weatherly: Shadow the Hedgehog killed your father.) It was Vector Perkins who killed him, not Shadow the Hedgehog. (Katrina Weatherly: That's difficult for me to believe.)
  • (Augustus Raven: We are not enemies, Marcia Fleach.) Maybe after this fight we are. (Augustus Raven: Velma Dinkley told me you were so stubborn.)
  • (Simon Seville: My Velma Dinkley is gone.) Mine has eluded captured. (Simon Seville: I will show you how to best her, Ms. Fleach.)
  • (to Brittany Miller) Pulling rank on me, Brittany? (Brittany Miller: As royalty often must, I'm afraid.) Don't play your freaking crown card with me.
  • (to Brittany Miller) So, why can't we get along? (Brittany Miller: I made mistakes and you hold grudges, that's all.) I do. I really, really do.
  • (Brittany Miller: Where are Rainbow Dash, Shaggy Rogers, and Scooby-Doo?) Let's settle this, female to female. (Brittany Miller: It looks like you don't have the authority, Ms. Fleach.)
  • (Brittany Miller: So, do you still bear a grudge, Ms. Fleach?) I beat you, so you tell me. (Brittany Miller: Beat me, huh? I let you win.)
  • (Brittany Miller: I am the last Equestrian royal.) Maybe try democracy, Princess? (Brittany Miller: You do not understand Equestria.)