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March Hare
Portrayed By: Jerry Colonna (original film)
Joe Alaskey (House of Mouse)
Profession: Tea
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Hare
Homeland: Wonderland

Disney's Alice in Wonderland, an animated film, depicted the March Hare at the tea party as being deliriously confused. He repeatedly offers Alice a cup of tea, but distractedly pulls the cup out of her reach or takes it from her hands just as she is about to drink. He was voiced by Jerry Colonna, after whom his appearance and personality were modeled, and later by Joe Alaskey. He was animated by Ward Kimball. This version of the character was also a semi-regular on Bonkers and one of the guests in House of Mouse, often seen seated with the Mad Hatter.

March Hare
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