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The March Hare appears in the game American McGee's Alice, he is portrayed as a victim of the Mad Hatter's insane experimentation. Both the Hare and the Dormouse have become clockwork cyborgs.

The March Hare appears in Alice: Madness Returns. His appearance has changed drastically, he is now larger and has gears protruding out his back. He has a metal frame in his mouth keeping it open, the frame also has a monocle attached to it. He has bolts in his ears, and his whole left arm is replaced with a large blade, which resembles a Spade. His legs have been replaced with springs, as well. In one scene, a poster of the March Hare is seen in the background which resembles the Uncle Sam Wants You poster with him pointing and has the words "All Aboard for Progress" at the bottom, showing the fact that Dormouse and himself have usurped Hatter's reign over the factory. The two have dismembered the Hatter and use his limbs in their own way. The March Hare uses his legs to power the gears for his compactor section of the factory. The player, as Alice, is tasked in retrieving the limbs in order to re-assemble the Hatter and to exact revenge on Dormouse and the March Hare.

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