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Manto is a Boss Character in Tengai Makyou (Far East of Eden) Series.


Daimon is one of the thirteen people and appeared in Michinoku country. In the Xbox360 Version, it is "Mazu", and in the original plan, the name before it actually appeared is "Dozou" (originating from the place name Zao in the Tohoku region). Enemy is a great monkey like a baboon that uses very powerful Umashika techniques, but he cannot use them well because he has a weak Otsum. By sealing the God Beast White Monkey, he controls other Monkeys to do wrong, but because of the badness of the Head, he is ridiculed by people unlike the other thirteen. I have no interest in monkey liquor. After this work, it will be almost appearing in the series (Xbox 360 Version was the bat Yota who had recovered the soul of the 13 people after defeating the 13 people, but only Manto escaped after defeating , And consequently survived the only thirteen people).


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