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"Behold my power."

  • MaloMyotismon

MaloMyotismon, known as BelialVamdemon in the original Japanese version, is the reincarnated and final form of Myotismon. He is the final and true main antagonist of the whole Digimon Adventure 02 (retitled Digimon Season 2 in American releases). Myotismon's spirit possessed Oikawa, who in turn manipulated the Digimon Emperor, in a scheme to regain a physical form.


MaloMyotismon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a mechanical vampire. He has Myotismon's original head with a modified mask, has two extra mouths, one on each shoulder, a tail with a sharp end, and mechanical wings that can shoot out a deadly mist.

Digimon Adventure 02[]

Myotismon first appears as a creepy talking mouth speaking with first Yukio Oikawa, and exits his body to appear under a new form, more powerful than ever named MaloMyotismon. After he tortured and killed Arukenimon and Mummymon as well, the Digidestined were afraid to battle him, but Davis wouldn't give up and told the others that they must fight for courage.

ExVeemon then attacked MaloMyotismon, but then the battle was interrupted when MaloMyotismon created illusions for the Digidestined, causing them and their Digimon partners to be separated. Luckily, their Digimon partners told them the illusions weren't real. When Davis, Ken, and the others returned from the illusions, their Digimon partners all took turns battling MaloMyotismon, which made a hole to the Digital World, presumably destroying MaloMyotismon. But however, MaloMyotismon survived the onslaught of the heroic Digimon, and grew bigger and attacked Imperialdramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon as payback. MaloMyotismon then used the power of darkness to open up the gate to the real world. Suddenly, several Digimon gathered around to call help to their human partners from all around the world, who suddenly were summoned to the Digital World with the light, blinding MaloMyotismon, causing him to be weakened. The darkness returned to let MaloMyotismon get stronger, but Davis, Yolei, and the children (who were free from the Dark Spores) shared their onslaught of dreams (and didn't feel doubt no more) and used the light from the Digivices, causing MaloMyotismon's body to be disintegrated, revealing himself as a form of a black cloud of darkness. All the Digidestined used their Digivices to create Imperialdramon's ultimate weapon, the Giga Crusher, and finally destroyed MaloMyotismon for good.