Maho Kusanagi (風見 まほ Kazami Maho) is the little sister of Mizuho Kazami and is one of the major characters in Please Teacher!.


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Status: Galactic Federation's Elite Observers


Maho is a young girl with fair tan skin, dark blue/black colored hair and green eyes, the outfit she primary wears is what appears to be a princess-like dress with a large red colored bow on the back of her head, long heel pink colored socks with white lines around it and red colored wool boots with a white colored bow on the outside.


Maho is your typical little kid-type character, she is loud and sometimes rather rude, she also has a rather negative reaction for Mizuho being with Kei, tho after a while she does warm up to them.


First appearing in episode 6, Maho and her mother Hatsuho came to visit Mizuho and was surprised to see that she has falling in love with a human boy name Kei, while Hatsuho was (to a degree) fine with this, Maho was not, for she criticized Mizuho for being with Kei, tho as the series progresses, she accepts Kei for being part of the family.


  • In someways, Maho Kazami is very similar to Sarah Mcdougal from the Love Hina series, seeing as their both young little girls, both have a very sassy spunky attitude and both have a very negative relationship with that Female's love interests (Kei for Maho and Keitaro for Sarah) but eventually warms up to them.
  • Maho is the only one in the Kazami family to not have the letter "U" in the last part of her name.
  • Maho is the only one in the Kazami family to not wear sandals with her plain outfit, while Mizuho (excluding her Teacher outfit) and Hatsuho wear sandals with their plan outfits, instead she wears boots, she is also the only one in the Kazami family to wear socks with her footwear.
    • Adding in to that, Maho is the only one in the Kazami family, as well as major character in Please Teacher! to not go bearfooted, not once in the whole show did Maho go bearfooted.
      • Maho is also the only one in the Kazami Family to not go kneeling barefooted.
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