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The Magician's Hat is the main antagonist of the Goof Troop episode, "Talent to the Max".


The sentient magic hat is a conniving and manipulative being made by an unknown creator. Its goal was to spread its magic and mischief whenever it pleased. And by doing that, it needed someone to wear it on top of his head. So the hat acted inspiring to Max and pleaded to come along. But when it came to others closest to its victim, the hat would turn its wearer against them, or at least try to by means of manipulation. However, its rudeness towards Max's father, Goofy, started to reveal its true colors. Its parasitic nature also made quite dangerous, and contained no remorse whatsoever. When it was defeated, it tried frantically to get Max back on its side, only to get trapped back into the chest.

Powers and abilities

The hat is capable of using its own magic, but seemingly needed someone's head to channel its magic even more. When it is worn by someone, it gives that person magical abilities of their own. When the person believes that he or she is the world's greatest magician, the hat's grip on that person reaches to the point of controlling its victim by the hands. While controlling Max, it generated a pack of cards in both hands and made them dance. It could also metamorphose people into animals or parts of them into objects, and levitate people while transforming inanimate objects into potentially dangerous situations like a cage of tigers or being a conveyor belt with a buzz-saw. It is also capable of flight and levitation.

Role in the episode

While Garbonzo is showing his "magic" tricks to two customers, he sneaks over and places himself on Garbonzo's head. Then he starts making Garbonzo go out of control, and so Garbonzo calls himself "the world's worst magician", disabling the hat, and puts him in a chest. When Max came back to return the props, the hat calls out to him from the chest and escapes it. Max was freaked out that he was alive, so the hat made some comparisons for him and convinced Max that he was a great magician. When the hat asked to be taken home with him, Max was reluctant to do so since Garbonzo told him the hat was a troublemaker, but finally gave in and wore him to bed.

The next morning, Max woke up and remembered he had the hat with him, so he goes over to P.J.'s house and does a magic trick which came from the hat. P.J. reminds Max that the hat was troublesome, so the magic hat trapped P.J. in a closet, much to Max's disapproval. Later, Max was getting ready for the talent show, asking the hat which colored cape was better, just before P.J. shows up. The wicked hat managed to convince Max that P.J. was stealing his spotlight, which causes Max to argue with P.J. and take away his place as his assistant.

Back stage, the scheming hat told Max there was a lot of people who would be watching him, but Max thought about P.J., so the hat reminded him that he would be best magician on earth. When Max made his father his assistant, Goofy told his son he didn't want him to lose his best friend because of a "silly old hat". The hat responded to this by calling Goofy a fossil, to which Max was offended. Then the hat made more insults and told Max to dump his father, and Max told him off, telling him if his father couldn't be on stage, neither would he, all while trying to take him off. So the hat drags him onstage and does the talking for Max. Max protests to this, and the hat revealed he only needed his head and takes over his body, controlling him by the hands.

The wicked hat started doing magic tricks, and when P.J. showed up to stop him, the hat turned him into a turkey. Pete demanded Max change him back, calling him a baboon, so the hat turns him into a baboon, much to Pistol's delight. Peg was outraged by Max's supposed powers, so the hat levitated her over a cage of tigers, and put Goofy on a conveyor belt with a buzz saw. Luckily, Garbonzo came, changed P.J. back, and told him how to stop the hat. P.J. tells Max, who said he was "the world's worst magician", forcing the hat off and undoing all his spells. The hat tries to get Max to believe he was still a great magician, but to no avail and gets trapped back in the chest.


  • This is one time an object is the villain of an episode.
  • He is also the most powerful adversary in Goof Troop to be faced by the main characters.

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