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Mad Dog is one of Don Karnage's Air Pirates. His partner is Dumptruck. He is an anthropomorphic dog who flies in hybrid propeller airplanes.


Mad Dog is usually the brains and Dumptruck is the muscle when it comes to doing dirty work for Karnage. Karnage usually beats Mad Dog when he is angry. Mad Dog is something of a coward and he will do what ever his boss tells him to do, like in "Polly Wants A Treasure" when he tortured Kit Cloudkicker, to get Baloo and Ignatz the Parrot attention. He is a mean, arrogant, determined, defiant, obnoxious, grouchy, menacing, annoying, dishonest, dramatic, obedient and gluttonous dog.

His voice actor is Charlie Adler.


He wears a purple vest, a pair of spiky wrist-collars, and a white hat with a pair of goggles.