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Lydia is an orange whatnot with an orange nose. This whatnot also features legs and feet made for her by her PR representative and human pal Cate. She is Jeff's younger sister by 20 minutes although she may debate that, though there are photographs that prove it.

She often records her daily adventures and outings. She likes to explore places like the Olive Garden, Disney Parks and more. She has been known to anchor weather reports and 'breaking news'. In November, she was part of the Million Puppet March in Washington, DC.

Contray to the rumors, neither Lydia nor her brother Jeff have been in muppet movies. When asked about rumors that her brother was in the 2011 movie "The Muppets" she commented "Pssssh! Yea right. He wishes!" 

She is featured on YouTube and Facebook (the account was known created in June 6, 2011). She has multiple Whatnot and other puppet friends, including and not limited to, Baxter Buff, Marvin Whanot, Vinnie Whatnot, Doc Fear, and Muppet Tom (Rumors about the relationship between Muppet Tom and Lydia are unconfirmed at the time of this writting).