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Luna is the main protagonist of Earth to Luna!.


Luna is a very childish girl who likes exploring science. She is very helpless with her pet ferret Claudio and her little brother Jupiter.


Luna has black hair. She wears a dark blue tanktop with a belt, white socks and black shoes.


  • "Luna" is the Latin word for "moon".
  • Angelina Carballo did her voice in the English version in Season 1. However, her singing voice was done by Hannah Strawn.
  • Luna looks nearly identical to a character who stars in an earlier TV PinGuim short circa. 2006 called Magnitka, which was going to be a series. Two links in Portuguese for details of Magnitka.
  • In 2006 when the Maters first got there shirts, Luna originaly whore a black shirt. In 2014, she diceded to change to Darker Blue, she is currently a sci. studio.