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Luka Couffaine, known as Viperion is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

In "Silencer", when Bob Roth threatens Marinette after she accuses him of stealing Kitty Section's idea for XY's new song, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Silencer, a voice-stealing supervillain.

In "Desperada", after Adrien Agreste gives up being Aspik for not being able to help Ladybug against the titular villain, she gives Luka the Snake Miraculous. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Sass, he becomes Viperion, a snake-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir during "particularly difficult missions" in Season 3.

In "Truth", after Marinette refuses to tell him her secrets, Luka is akumatized and amokized by Shadow Moth into Truth, a three-eyed supervillain that forces people to tell the truth and his emotions form the giant eye sentimonster.


In "Captain Hardrock", Luka and Marinette first met and Luka quickly develops romantic feelings for her.

In "Silencer", Luka is akumatized by Hawk Moth into the voice-stealing supervillain Silencer. Luka even confesses his feelings to Marinette as both Silencer and himself.

In "Party Crasher", Master Fu lends Luka the Snake Miraculous to help defeat the titular akumatized villain, after which he presumably returned it to Fu.


Unlike his sister Juleka, Luka is a calm boy who has a mixed personality of being playful, charming, mature, and flirtatious. He is empathetic at reading people's emotions and expressing it through music. Luka is very kind and generous, especially towards his friends and family, but also to people he just met as he cheers Marinette up shortly after meeting her. Like Adrien, he is also supportive and encouraging towards others like his sister Juleka. Adrien himself describes him as brave, caring and determined.

Luka seems to be a easygoing and relaxed boy. However, sometimes he can lose his calm if feels that he and mainly his friends are being wronged, like when Bob Roth stole his band's music, dance and outfits and claimed them to be XY's. Despite everything, he tries to retain his cool, only getting really mad when Bob threatened Marinette. According to her, in "Luka as seen by Marinette", he is very intuitive.

As Viperion, most of Luka's personality remains the same like his caring and helpfulness as he tried to save Carapace by taking Party Crasher's attacks. Given his calm disposition, Viperion is focused, observant and not afraid to give suggestions or ideas to others.

As Silencer, his main goal is to make Bob Roth tell the truth regarding the fact he stole the Kitty Section's song as he takes the voices of anyone that could serve his purposes or get in his way. However, he still retains his care for Marinette, as she was the only person whose voice he spared and he reassured her he would make "justice" for her and Kitty Section.

As Truth, he is shown to be desperate to know Marinette's secret, attacking anyone that could possibly know it, like her best friends and her parents. He is shown to get frustrated quite easily, when they keep telling him a secret he already knows. However, he can prioritize other secrets when they have a much bigger meaning to him, like when he made his mother confess to him who was his father, causing him to abandon his search for Marinette's secret to know the all truth.



As a result, he is given a ouroboros bracelet known as the Snake Miraculous, which when worn grant Luka the ability to transform into Viperion, his superhero alias.

As the holder of a Miraculous, Luka is assisted by a small creature resembling a snake called Sass who is a magical being known as a Kwami.

  • Temporal rewind: his special power, Second Chance, allows him to go back to the time he activated his power as many times as he needs to.
  • Nigh-invulnerability: while he is transformed, he is almost invulnerable to any physical injury.

As Silencer

  • Voice-stealing: he touches his victims lips and makes the person's voice fly out and into his mask.
    • Voice usage: he is also able to use the voices he stole.


  • Guitar playing: he has been playing since he "was in diapers".
  • Lyre playing: as Viperion, he can play the lyre very well.


  • Luka is the third person to be able to resist akumatization, following Caline Bustier and Chloé Bourgeois, but is unable to prevent it from happening, much like how it happened with Miss Bustier in "Zombizou".
  • Both Hawk Moth (in Party Crasher) and Ladybug (in Miracle Queen) have said that Viperion is the most difficult superhero to be against because of his superpower.
  • Luka is the second known character to use the Snake Miraculous, the first being Adrien.
    • He also shows to be a better user for the Miraculous and it's power, as Adrien wasn't able to beat Desperada after 25,913 times, while Luka was able to defeat her after 4 times. Although an exact number wasn't directly confirmed, it was definitely in a faster timespan in comparison to Adrien's attempts.
  • Luka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".
    • All the Couffaine's names so far end with "-ka".
      • However, it is actually a pun, as a matter of fact in French it sounds like "acouphène" which means "tinnitus".
    • When the official Miraculous Ladybug website got updated on September 2020, the official character description has his surname incorrectly spelled as Couphène.
  • His full name means "light of/from the coffin".
    • The name Luka means "light" in Latin.
      • In the Russian dub, his name is changed to Luke.
  • Luka Couffaine is the sixth person to become to a Miraculous holder who was also an akumatized villain, following Nino Lahiffe in "The Bubbler" and Alya Césaire in "Lady Wifi", Lê Chiến Kim in "Dark Cupid", Max Kanté in "Gamer", Chloé Bourgeois in "Antibug", but excluding Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth, who akumatized himself in "The Collector" into the titular villain.
  • In "Desperada", he claims to have been playing the guitar since he was a baby.