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Luigi is the younger but taller twin brother of Mario. He is the main character of his own video-game Luigi's Mansion.


Throughout the series, Luigi has possessed a cowering nature, but also heroic qualities most of all. Whenever Professor E. Gadd teleported him, he would flinch at being beamed into the screen.

Powers and abilities


Luigi has exhibited his superior jump from time to time again, but lacks the acceleration and traction.

Moves and Techniques

  • Scuttle - Luigi briefly hovers over the ground with this move.
  • Thunderhand - Luigi's Hand Power in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. This move allows him to project electricity from his hand and use it against his opponents.
  • Green Missile
  • Super Jump Punch
  • Luigi Cyclone
  • Negative Zone
  • Green Fire Shot
  • Green Fire Dash

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