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Lt. Eric Stein

Lt. Eric Stein is an antagonist in Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge and Puppet Master 8: The Legacy. He is a puppeteer and Nazi Lieutenant in Berlin, Germany, during the second World War. He is also Major Kraus's driver. He was portrayed by Kristopher Logan.


In World War II Berlin, a scientist named Dr. Heiss is forced by the Nazis, to create a drug capable of animating animating dead corpses to use as living shields, but cannot get it right: While the corpses do reanimate, they have a tendency towards mindless violence.

Next to a crowd of rambunctious children, the show is also attended by Lt. Erich Stein, Kraus' driver. After the performance, Toulon and his wife Elsa feed the puppets with the formula which sustains their life. Stein informs his superior the next morning. Hess wants to share the secret, but Kraus wants to take Toulon in for treason.

Dr. Hess talks to Toulon, who tells him about the puppets' secret, and the two become friends. But Peter's father betrays Toulon by telling Major Kraus about his hideout in exchange for a pardon for his family. Kraus and his men storm the ruin, but the puppets fight back, enabling Toulon and Hess to escape. Kraus stops Peter and his father, demanding to know where Toulon is; Hertz is shot by Kraus while searching the nearby houses, . After watching one of André Toulon's puppet shows which spoofed Adolf Hitler, he spied on Toulon and his wife and after finding out that Toulon's puppet are alive he reported it to Major Kraus. Toulon tracked him down and got his revenge. He was distracted by Jester while Pinhead broke his leg and nose with a wrench, then Leech Woman covered his face in leeches and he died . Major Kraus returns, only to fall to an ambush by Toulon and his puppets.