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Louise Belcher is one of the three central protagonists (alongside Tina and Gene) of Bob's Burgers.

She is the youngest of the Belcher family in the FOX animated sitcom Bob's Burgers.


She is 4 feet tall, Louise is a short, scrawny girl and has black hair and peach skin like the rest of the family. She wears her hair in pigtails with yellow ties. She is almost never seen without wearing her trademark pink rabbit ear hat. She wears a green frock and black sock-less Mary Jane shoes.


Louise likes to hurt people who are naggers, especially her school's guidance counselor. She has a Machiavellian and controlling personality. To exemplify her Machiavellian personality, she laughed at the sinking of the Titanic look alike cruise ship. In most episodes, she will manipulate people into thinking or acting a certain way. For example, in "Human Flesh" she starts the rumor about the burgers containing human flesh to her class and then continues to reinforce the lie throughout the episode. In "Crawl Space", she convinces everyone that Bob, who was stuck in the crawl space, was dead and haunting the burger joint; she continues even when Mr. Frond gets involved.

Unlike her siblings, Louise is incredibly cunning and intelligent for her age. She understands how to control a situation and get people to do whatever she wants. Even if she is blamed, she is usually able to charm herself out of the situation. She seems to enjoy causing pain and misfortune to others. It's also said slapping people is the way she shows affection.

Louise often uses her intelligence to her advantage, especially for vindictive purposes. Nonetheless, she maintains a loyalty to her family, defending Tina against a bully, Tammy, on multiple occasions. However Louise occasionally is depicted to have a soft side, specifically she shows incredible affection to her father [1]. Underneath her cunning exterior, Louise has consistently demonstrated that she loves her family. A phrase she says often is "Son of a bitch!". She has multiple Kuchi Kopi themed objects, from night lights to radios.

Louise is highly motivated by money and an entrepreneur . In Art Crawl, she makes at least $200 by selling Andy and Ollie's paintings.. In Nude Beach, she decides to create a path from the overlook and charges other kids to see the nude beach goers. In Ambergris, Louise cannot sleep when she learns the ambergris is worth money. In It Snakes a Village, she keeps asking Helen for the $100 reward for catching the snake. She asks Jimmy Junior for 20 dollars in exchange for help with seducing Tina in Two for Tina. In Turkey in a Can, she reveals she has been stealing Tina and Gene's allowance for years.

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