Lord Felton was a high ranking underling to the evil King Einon. A true sycophant, he was constantly trying to curry his masters favor with constant reverence.Felton was also very tight with his money. When a knight named Bowen killed a dragon for him, Felton refused to pay him the bag of gold he promised for the deed. However, Bowen got even with him when another dragon attacked Felton's estates. The knight forced him to pay two bags of gold in advance, before he killed the dragon. (Felton didn't know that Bowen and the dragon were partners and that the second "dragon death" was staged.)Later, Bowen and his dragon started a peasant rebellion against Einon on the lands of Lord Brok, another Einon vassell. When Brok asked for more men, Felton complained it was a waste of money. He also arrogantly pointed out that one noble was worth a hundred peasants. Einon disciplined Felton by slamming his head down on the table.The following day, Bowen and his army lined up outside Einon's castle. Felton encouraged Einon to stay in the castle, rather than go out and fight (This stance was probably motivated by the thought that Einon would expect Felton to fight alongside him). However, the dragon attacked the castle and Einon went out to fight anyway.The battle ended badly, forcing Einon and his men to retreat to the castle. The rebels snuck into the castle and starting attacking the guards. Felton tried to sneak away, but saw a peasant girl named Kara coming towards him. He grabbed Kara and tried to force her into helping him escape, but another peasant stabbed Felton in the back, killing him.

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