Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making GuyChuck ToupéeChuckie Finster
Chuckles the ClownChuckles the Silly PiggyChuckling Chipmunk
Chucky (Child's Play)Chugga ChuggaChum and Anchor
ChunkChunk (The Loud House)Chunk (The Ripping Friends)
ChutzparCid KramerCidz
Ciel PhantomhiveCinderella (Disney)Cindy Bear
Cindy Bear's motherCindy Hazard (Weekend Pass)Cindy Lou Who
Circus BabyCiro Di MarzioClaire
Claire (Harvey Beaks)Claire (Motorcity)Claire (The Summoning)
Claire BennetClaire BrewsterClaire Brown
Claire DearingClaire DunphyClaire Dunphy/Gallery
Claire NovakClaire PetersonClamantha
Clamantha's ParentsClan McDuckClarabell
Clarabelle CowClarence (Adventure Time)Clarence Wendle
ClariceClark GreenClaude
Claude (Fairy Tale Police Department)Claude (Gumnutz: A Juicy Tale)Claude (Timothy Goes to School)
Claude FaustusClaude FrolloClaudia
Claudia (A Simple Wish)Claudia WolfClaudio Gregory
ClawClawdeen WolfClawhauser
Clay BaileyClayfaceClayface (Dr. Benjamin Koopa)
ClaytonClayton ezekiel andersonClean Up, Clean Up with Barney!
Clem (Timmy the Tooth)ClembraneCleo
Cleo (Heathcliff)Cleo BernsteinCleo Carter (Tutenstein)
Cleo de NileCleveland BrownCleveland Brown, Jr.
Clicksnizz (Mopatop's Shop)Cliff (The Loud House)Cliff Vandercave
Clinton CootClockwork MouseClone Garu
CloverCloverfield monsterClown
Clown-OClown (Alone in the Dark 2)Clown (Coulrophobia)
Clown (Courage the Cowardly Dog)Clown (DC)Clown (Earth-MLJ)
Clown (Ice Cream Man)Clown (Kenan & Kel)Clown (Play With Me)
Clown (Pucca)Clown (Scary Movie 2)Clown (Soul Eater)
Clown (Star Trek)Clown (The Amazing World of Gumball)Clown (WordGirl)
Clown with the Tear-Away FaceClowns (Dumbo)Clowns (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
Clowns (The Midnight Clowns)ClydeClyde McBride
Clyde of the DundeeCo-BruhCoach
Coach (Dan Danger)Coach SteveCoach Wittenberg
Cobalt BlueCockroach WaitressCoco (El Arca)
Coco (Mermaid Melody)Coco (folklore)Cody
Cody (Total Drama)Cody (Total DramaRama)Cody Calf
Cody MaverickCoil ManCol. Singh
Cola GinskyColeCole (Dead of the Brain)
Cole FusionCole SearCole Trenton
Colin CreeveyCollectorColleen
ColonelColonel CutterColonel Hathi
Colonel John LynchColonel MustardColonel Nozzaire
Colonel RadecColoraturaColossus
Combo BreakerCombo PandaCombosaur
CometComet The PyroCommander Bristle
Commander ConchCommander NebulaCommander Ulysses Feral
Commissioner ClarenceCommissioner GoldstarComplete Monster
Condiment King (The Lego Batman Movie)Conductor BearCong
ConiferousConkerConnie (6teen)
Connie CunamanConnie EdwardsConnie Maheswaran
Connie MoreauConnie the Hormone MonstressConrad Fleem
Constance HatchawayConstantine (Muppet)Constanza
CooderCook LiuCookie
Cookie BaBoomCookie CopCookie Crook
Cookie FalconeCookie MonsterCool Girl (Inside Out)
Cool JoeCool McCoolCoop
Cooper DanielsCopperCopy Kitten
Copy XCoralCoraline Jones
CordeliaCordelia ChaseCordelia Walker
Coreen fennelCorey RiffinCorin (Puss in Boots)
Corina BucksworthCorn Pone (Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!)Cornelia Hale
Cornelius FillmoreCornelius FudgeCornellius
Corrine (The Initiation of Sarah)CorvaxCory
Cory (Animal Farm)Cory FraggleCosette
Cosette/GalleryCosmaCosmic Cosmo
CosmicaCosmoCosmo (Fairly OddParents)
Cosmo the SeedrianCossack PrinceCotton Weary
Count BleckCount DookuCount Dracula
Count Dracula (1992 film)Count Dracula (The Lego Batman Movie)Count Duckula
Count OlafCount OrlokCourage the Cowardly Dog
CourtlinCourtney (Total DramaRama)Courtney Babcock
Courtney GriplingCourtney WheelerCousin Mel
CowCow (Bee Movie)Cow (Dave and Ava)
Cow (Paw Patrol)Cow (The Secret Life of Pets 2)Cow (Zoobabu)
Cows (101 Dalmatians)CoyoteCozy
Cozy GlowCragCraig Cahn
Craig PeltonCraig TuckerCraig Williams
CraneCranky the Camera Man (Grouch)Crash
Crash BandicootCrash and EddieCrazy Dentist
Crazy EyesCrazy HandCream the Rabbit
Creature ParanoiaCree LincolnCreed Bratton
CreeperCreepie CreecherCreepy Keeper
CretoCricket GreenCrimson (Total Drama)
Crimson ChinCrimson CloakCrinkly Wrinkly
Cro-MarmotCroaker (Muppets)Crocco
Croco (Mario)CrookCrow T. Robot
CrowleyCruella De Vil (Live Action)Cruella De Vil (Once Upon a Time)
Cruella de VilCrush The TurtleCrusher
Crusty BakerCruz RamirezCrysta
Crystal (I Got a Rocket)Crystal GemsCrystal Peppers
Crystal WinterCthulhu (Lovecraft)Cub
Cubbi GummiCubbyCuca
CuddlesCufflingk and underlingkCui
CujoCupheadCupid (Pucca)
CuriousCurious GeorgeCurl
Curl (Phantom Continent Aurelia)CurlyCurrawong
Curtis (Dylan Sprouse)Curtis (Voltron)Cyber Koopa
CyborgCyborg (Teen Titans Go!)Cyclops
Cyclops (Puppet Master)Cyclops of TraycusCykreeus
Cynthia (The Secret of NIMH)Cynthia NolesCyphaar
CyraxCyril BarkerCyrus Albright
Cyrus GoodmanCándida Morales AlcaldeD
D'ComposeD.W. ReadD0R-15
DJ Pon-3DJ SukiDJ octavio
DX NovaDabaoDad
Dad 'N Me
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