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Liu is the new Snack-World friends and Running Man contender of the Bug tribe. As Yoo Jae Seok's Animal Motif, Liu has the ability to jump from a far distance or great heights and can sense any signs of occurrence or danger from his antennas.

He is the show's leader as he possesses intelligence when winning a game whether if it's a team or a solo game as well as creating inventions from the pieces he could find. Liu also has a robot companion named 'Mr. Suitcase' (from the Cartoon Network English Dub) that stores his weapon, the Drill-Gun


Liu is a green grasshoper with large purple irises and wears a pair of round glasses that curved to fit his face. He wears a pair of inflated, yellow pants and a red vest over his shirt.


Liu grew up in the Bug tribe all his life, until he was chosen to compete in the 100th Running Man Championship. However, he didn't just do this for his people but he had his own motive as to why he joined the Championship.

This character is based on Yoo Jae Suk.


Liu, as like anyone from the Bug Tribe, is exceptionally intelligent and seems to have a hand at inventing. He has a kind heart and fierce determination, but could be aloof to others' plans to take advantage of his kindness such as when Lonky and Popo had tried to get the others on his side so that they could join Kuga's team. They attempted this by trying to put Liu on a high pedestal, which backfired greatly.

Liu can also be easily flustered and sheepish due to his fragile nature.


"Running man is about working together!"


His human counterpart is Yoo Jae Seok.