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Lincoln Albert Loud is the main protagonist of The Loud House franchise. He is the overall protagonist of the animated series The Loud House, and a supporting character in the spin-off The Casagrandes. In the 2021 Netflix film, he is the main protagonist. He is the middle child and only son in the Loud Family.

He was named after the street on which the show's creator Chris Savino's childhood home was located.

He is voiced by Sean Ryan Fox in the pilot, then Grant Palmer in the show's premiere until episode 22, and later by Collin Dean due to the latter's voice changing as he hit puberty, and then by Tex Hammond, and now Asher Bishop due to Tex again hitting puberty.


Lincoln is a good-hearted, well-meaning and accident-prone person, who is always looking for fun, and thinking about the well being of others. As the family nerd, along with Lisa, Lincoln is an avid fancier of comic books, manga, video games, fantasy and science fiction stories, which are typical interests for a boy his age. His favorite comic superheroes are Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, whom he and Clyde often dress as when working to solve mysteries. His favorite music band is SMOOCH, as seen in "For Bros About to Rock" and "Yes Man".

He is known to be "the man with a plan", as he is usually elaborating plans with a specific objective, most of them for his own benefits. His plans rarely succeed because of his own selfish and reckless decisions or by his sisters' interference. When he goes too far, he will always find the solution even if that means making himself look like a fool, as seen in "Making the Case" and in "Sleuth or Consequences".

Lincoln's best friends are Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, Stella, and Ronnie Anne. Sometimes, he tries to hang out with other kids, but the rest of his social life has not really been explored and it's been revealed that when he tries to make new friends they're always being mean to him, as seen in "Save the Date" and "Hand-Me-Downer".

He's a very individual person with limited experience of teamwork in contrast to his sisters who cooperate as roommates, which was shown in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".

He missed out of fun with his sisters, as shown in "A Novel Idea", "Raw Deal", "No Such Luck", and "Kings of the Con", but almost with his friends in "Yes Man" due to his sisters set up the SMOOCH's VIB concert for him to experience in front of his house by convincing the real SMOOCH to show up and his friends to attend as an apology for taking advantage of his selflessness.

Most of the time, Lincoln is clumsy, quiet and relaxed, but sometimes he is forgetful and gets upset when he is annoyed, or when something goes wrong. He has proved to be very patient (especially with his sisters) and also hates that others think he's bad luck. His greatest fear is the family falling apart, as shown in "Butterfly Effect", along with being hated by his sisters, as shown in "Making the Case" and "No Such Luck".

Something that Lincoln has shown is that he is a multi-faceted person and doesn't have a distinct personality. Thanks to a life of living with ten sisters, each with a different personality, he is adapted to them, so he can communicate with any of them, and help them with their activities without a problem. Living in a female dominated family caused him to develop typically feminine traits, like kindness, sensitivity, cooking, beauty pageant knowledge, and sewing skills.

He acts as the "Jack of All Trades" to all of his sisters. He is not as good as his sisters in what they do, but he is competent enough to impress and help them in what they are doing: such as helping Lucy write her poems, being one step ahead of Luan in her pranks, preventing Lisa's experiment from exploding by adding a chemical, assisting Leni with her fashion designing, and catching Lynn's football in "Project Loud House". He is also quite good at playing the cello, as he was the only one Luna complemented when she pressured the siblings into playing their instruments well in "House Music".

Like his sisters, he often watches the in-universe reality show The Dream Boat, though in the episode "Roughin' It", he pretends to dislike it when he feels he has lost his manliness from growing up with sisters. In the end he rejoins his sisters in watching The Dream Boat after he got his manliness back and learns not to worry about what's manly, girly, or any of that junk.

Lincoln feels overshadowed by his sisters, as shown in "Making the Case", "Kings of the Con" and "The Loud House Movie" because he was different and has nothing to show while his ten sisters are all beloved and being more successful than him because of some sort of achievement or accomplishment.

The episode "Study Muffin" showed that he's a responsible student, has good grades, and doesn't really need a tutor, unlike Lynn, Lucy, Lana, and Lola. This makes him the second smartest of the Loud siblings, after Lisa.

In the episode "No Such Luck", Lincoln finds himself with unexpected free time after his family thinks that he is bad luck and bans him from attending their activities, for which he is never unlucky because he's only just clumsy and accident-prone.

Lincoln is incredibly calm, as in the episode "Not a Loud", he wasn't panicking about the possibility of being adopted. He was also calm when he was telling his parents about the clues that made him believe he's adopted. In spite of this, "The Loud House Movie" reveals that he is deeply insecure over feeling as though he is stuck in his sisters' shadow, but following his adventure in Loch Loud, comes to terms with his place in his family as the one who takes care of them, with his sisters reassuring him of their appreciation.

As of the fifth season, Lincoln now attends Royal Woods Middle School, where he is a student in Mr. Bolhofner's class (due to him doesn't fit in Mrs. Salter's class like his friends did and there's no room left). Starting in "Kernel of Truth", he and his friends now run the school's morning news show. He misses out on opening his Christmas gift at once in "Season's Cheatings" due to him sacrifice his Rip Hardcore backpack to Chandler and his plans were ruined, but he gets a rolled up paper with a gift from Lily to make it up to him for not getting Rip Hardcore backpack, revealing it to be a finger-painting she made of herself giving Lincoln his backpack.


Lincoln is 11 (later 12) years old and the only boy in the Loud family. He is an avid fancier of comic books and manga, which he often enjoys reading in his underwear. He also enjoys video games, sci-fi movies, and coin collecting. Lincoln often speaks to the viewer (sometimes referring as Meta-Reference) about how he gets around his often-chaotic household and the antics of his ten sisters.

While Lincoln can occasionally be selfish and manipulative, he usually is quick to realize when he has done wrong and find ways to make up for it. He is, on the whole, a very nice boy who deeply loves his sisters in spite of their eccentricities and how often he clashes with them.

Often during the series, despite his relationship with his sisters, he particularly really love his three older sisters so much that they always truly loves him: Lori, Leni, and Luna. He is Leni and Luna's favorite brother and Lori really deeply loves him.


Lincoln has fair skin, white hair with a flik on aside, with two little hairs sticking up on the other side., and has (3x3) red-brown freckles on both sides of the cheeks and a small chip on his front teeth, and he wears an orange short-sleeve shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers with three red stripes in the middle.

White hair

Lincoln's white hair is a very unique feature that Lincoln has. He's the only one in the family with this hair color, as his sisters are either a brunette or a blonde (with the exception of Lucy, whose hair is black).

Leni is quite fond of Lincoln's white hair. She says it reminds her of their Pop-Pop and gets defensive if anybody mocks Lincoln for it, as shown in "Chore and Peace" and "Ties That Bind".

It is uncertain as to why Lincoln's hair is white. Chris Savino has confirmed it's not a result of albinism. However, one popular theory as to why it's white is because of the effects of stress. This, however, is false, as in "The Whole Picture" and "The Loud House Movie" it's shown that not only Lincoln has had white hair since he was a baby, but that it's also highly possible that it's genetic. Given that The Duke, his ancestral lookalike, was called out for having white hair in a time lacking hair dye by Lincoln himself and never corrected on this.


  • Lincoln is similar to SpongeBob SquarePants who is funny, clumsy, accident-prone, annoying, mischievous, geniuses, creating plans, nerdy, have buck teeth and freckles.
  • Some people have believed that Lincoln is unlucky, although he is not unlucky because he's just clumsy and accident-prone like SpongeBob and the writers made a copy from SpongeBob and Charlie Brown. This is a good fact because in the episode "No Such Luck" that he's never bad luck in the series.