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Lila Rossi is the tertiary antagonist of Miraculous: Tale of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Powers and abilities


As Volpina

  • Illusion manipulation: she is able to create illusions by playing a tune on her flute.
  • Supernatural agility: she can move quickly with jumps.

As Chameleon

  • Kiss empowerment: Chameleon has an enchanted kiss which is how she uses her powers.
    • Shape-shifting: whenever she kisses someone, she transforms into that person.
      • Voice mimicry: she can mimic the voice of her victims.
      • Power mimicry: she can also summon the power of a miraculous holder, as seen with Cat Noir.
    • Sleep inducement: while she changes form, she also puts her victims to sleep.


  • Lying mistress: Lila's main ability is her talent for lying. She is able to deceive everyone and even finds ways to support her lies such as buying a pendant resembling the fox miraculous. She was also able to guilt trip everyone into turning against Marinette so that she could sit in front with Adrien.
  • Flute playing: as Volpina, she can play her flute with ease. However, it is unknown if she can play a flute in her civilian form.

Role in the series

She first appears in "Volpina", where she is seen with a surprised Adrien. She attempts to get close to him and seeing he had the miraculous spellbook, she took it and found a page of Ladybug. Looking at Adrien thinking about Ladybug, Lila is annoyed seeing that he was in love with the superheroine and secretly sneaks the book away from him. Looking at the book, she finds a page of a vixen superheroine. She then goes to a jewelry store and buys a replica of the Fox miraculous to convince Adrien that she was a superheroine. Once she tells him, she goes on saying that Volpina was "more powerful and celebrated than Ladybug", not knowing the real Ladybug was listening in on her lies. She is confronted and exposed by the superheroine, and then she runs away out of tears. Then she confesses her hatred of Ladybug in front of a billboard.

She is soon after akumatized by Hawk Moth into Volpina, and starts using her power of illusion to trick all the Parisians.