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Lifty and Shifty are both one of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio[]

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Lifty and his brother are two green kleptomaniac creepy raccoon identical twin brothers with dark green mask-like markings around their eyes. They frequently steal merchandise and produce from the other Happy Tree Friends (thus their names), as well as treasure hunting, ransacking houses or anything to get rich quick with the exception of Flaky, LammyCro-Marmot, and Splendid. They mostly steal from Lumpy (in Meat Me for Lunch they stole meat from Lumpy's deli mart, and in Milkin' It they stole a dairy cow from Lumpy's dairy cow farm, and in Concrete Solution they stole his wallet, and in Junk in the Trunk they abducted his pet elephant). They probably rob Lumpy so frequently because his lack of intelligence and common sense makes him an easy target. Lifty and his brother Shifty trying to sell Nutty some jolly beans.


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