Lien-Da (a.k.a. Kommissar (now Grandmaster)) is a character in the universes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna. Lien-Da is 33 years old and is the current leader of the Dark Legion, having inherited the title after Dimitri's incapacitation. Lien-Da is sometimes called Kommissar (which is German for "commissioner", which probably refers to her rank in the Legion).

A red, female, anthropomorphic Echidna and an enemy of Knuckles the Echidna, Lien-Da's weapon of choice is a bullwhip. Her design has changed several times over the years, however she is almost always depicted as having red hair, blue eyes, peach muzzle, black nose, and wearing a black leather suit. Like all Echidnas, she has dreadlocks, and one of them is metallic—possibly cybernetic—to mark her as a member of the Legion. Lien-Da has always decorated these dreadlocks, originally with bands of white or grey metal but more recently with black straps.

Lien-Da's wardrobe originally consisted of a black leather jacket and matching pants, but it later changed to become tighter pants with frayed cuffs and a black belly shirt. The long sleeves of the shirt have a gleaming silver snake design on them, and she has a tight black pants that have been frayed at the ends, held up by a black leather belt and silver-tipped metallic boots marked with a red heart. Lien-Da also wears a collar around her neck in this design. Her recent design is supposed to make her look like an "evil, sexy diva." The outfit, however, is rather reminiscent of that stereotypically worn by a dominatrix.

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