Leslie McGroarty, the toughest city girl ever
Leslie McGroarty
Background information
Feature films The Itsy Bitsy Spider (2D-animated short film, 1992)
Television programs The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Thora Birch (Short film)
Francesca Marie Smith (TV show)
Performance model
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Full name
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Origin story
Personality Tomboyish, wrathful, cute (sometimes), energetic, boisterous, short-tempered, abrasive, adventurous, rebellious, imaginative, sweet (sometimes), sassy, two-fisted, fierce, shy (sometimes), tough, hog-wild, rigid, strong, comical, witty, bossy, spunky, rough, aggressive, feisty, cheerful, foolish, introverted sometimes, lively, playful
Appearance Black hair, glasses, light blue dress with short puffed sleeves, white socks, black Mary Jane shoes.
Birthday Summer
Likes Itsy, bugs, hanging out with boys, rock music, farting on snobbish people (especially Adrienne), bicycling, skateboarding, video games, her city life, studying karate, jokes, being gassy, video arcades, candy, sports (especially wrestling), her electric guitar, armpit farting, pranks, fast food restaurants, farting, crank calls, fighting, rock concerts, pizza, soda, ballet, burping, stuff that was boyish
Dislikes Letting Itsy died, Exterminator, classical music (especially the piano), girly stuff (except for few of them), snobbish people
Powers and abilities Shrink herself to bug size (thanks to her black Mary Jane shoes).
Fate Reunited with Itsy and the two of them go home to the big city.
Quote "Hi, my name is Leslie McGroarty, and this is my cute spider friend, Itsy Bitsy!"
"Itsy rocks!"
"Poor Itsy Bitsy."
"First, I tap my black Mary Jane shoes five times, then I wish with all my might! Magical powers of teensy, eensy, weensy, make me just as teeny tiny as Itsy Bitsy!"

"Hi, my name is Leslie McGroarty, and this is my cute spider friend, Itsy Bitsy!"
— Leslie at the beginning of the series' opening.

Leslie McGroarty is the main protagonist in the Itsy Bitsy Spider franchise. She is a toughest and short-tempered young city girl who is befriended by a spider named Itsy, and she is full of energy. One day, during the piano lesson, she sees a country spider named Itsy for the first time.

Leslie loves things like hanging out with boys, bicycling, skateboarding, farting, studying karate, bugs, eating candies and something else boyish. She is a tomboy. Leslie has her electric guitar to practice her rock music. However, despite her tomboyish attitude, she has her girly side, when she's doing ballet. Leslie had the magical ability to shrink herself to bug size, when she taps her black Mary Jane shoes five times.


Leslie is a tough and slender tomboy with short black hair. She wears circular shaped glasses, a light blue dress with puffed sleeves and a red belt, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.



  • Leslie McGroarty is the very first Hyperion Animation character to be a female protagonist.
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