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Leonard Leakey[1] Hofstadter is a fictional character and a main character in the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. As an experimental physicist, Leonard originally shared an apartment with Sheldon, and lives next to Penny, who he has a love interest in. Together with Sheldon, Wolowitz, and Raj, Leonard often visits the comic book store, and attend comic conferences.

Earning a PhD at the California Institute of Technology, Leonard Hofstadter previously attended Princeton[2] and was 24 upon earning his PhD.


Originally from New Jersey, Leonard Hofstadter is currently an experimental physicist in Cal Tech, primarily working with lasers. At the start of season one, Penny moves to the apartment next to his. Immediately falling for her, Leonard's first face-to-face meeting ends in a socially awkward farewell, greeting and welcoming her to the building in the process.[3]


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