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Leo is Sage's Older Brother.


Leo is a red german shepard. He wears a black spiked collar. red shoes. He also has red eyes to match his red body. On his collar he has a scull shaped dog.


Leo was born on Mythical Falls same as Sage. Leo is older he is 16. He was young when his parents died. He blamed everything on Sage knowing Sage is to week, Sage wasnt week at all but Leo called Sage a cry baby, a scared lonely lost puppy. After their parents died Leo and Sage went all the way to the city. Leo then abandon Sage and went on his own. He then met Cleo and Amber. They both worked for Hybrid. Soon Leo and Cleo betrayed Amber. And Amber went back to Mythical Falls.


Speed, Strength, Survive long Falls


  • Leo abandoned Sage when they were young.
  • Leo works for Hybrid the demon cat since he has a skull on his collar.
  • He looks more like his father Papriko.
  • Leo and Amber used to date but he broke up with her for her older sister Cleo who looked more attractive.