Leila Takishiro

Leila Takishiro is a shy girl with short, blonde hair and red clips on each side. She tends to be forgetful and clumsy. Her father is Italian and her mother is Japanese. Leila transforms into Cinderella and is represented by a sparkle/diamond. Her Ma-Pet is Dai a dormouse often confused as a squirrel because of his bushy tail. She wears her blue magical diamond in a blue heart bracelet on her left wrist. Her dad works for a shoe company.


In episode 1 of the anime, Leila Takashiro comes into the scene for her lost shoe while Natsuki Sasahara bumps into Ringo Yukimori at Wish's Concert in Sakura Hall. During that time, the Ma-pets appeared with three gems in their search for three princesses, but the three gems had chosen her along with Ringo and Natsuki. The Ma-pets denied the fact that they were the princesses because they were still children, but later on had accepted them due to their Majesty. Dai gave her a blue gem and recognized her as Cinderella. She currently lives in normal-style house with her mother while her father works in a Crystal Shoe Store.


Leila is a very forgetful young girl which often leads to lots of problems for Lilpri. Example: Forgetting her handkerchief, lines for the play and more. She keeps tripping over rocks when she is running. She usually gets daydreaming if she thinks of something that she likes. She is good at housework, like laundry, washing and cleaning. She is also very good at sewing.


Leila has short blonde hair, worn with red clips on either side of her head, and aqua eyes. As Princess Cinderella, her hair is very long in a high ponytail tied with a pearl scrunchie. She has poofy pants and sleeves and wears blue gloves. She also has blue lacey leg warmers and a blue top that overlaps her outfit. Her casual outfit is a yellow dress under a green-blue sweater with a logo of two wings around a pink heart, worn over knee length leggings and red shoes with yellow buckles which she often loses. In the summer she wears a white and blue sailor inspired outfit. When she was in the school play, she had a pink dress with a wig that the length goes to the end of the back. In episode 17, in the beach her hair had a little pigtail with a blue hairpiece and her swimsuit was a green 2 piece with diamonds for the design. She was also shown, in the beach with a polka dot tube.

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