The Leever is a sand-dwelling creature known for its burrowing capabilities, found mostly in areas with sand such as deserts and beaches. These cone-shaped creatures burrow out of the ground, or remain at a semi-burrow as in The Adventure of Link, upon detecting movement and begin pursuing territorial threats until they tire or vacate the proximity of intruders. Though while mostly cone-like in appearance, Twilight Princess brings a certain graphical realism to the Leever, giving it a stronger plant-like appearance. Leevers are often fast-moving enemies.[3][4] They are almost always fought in groups, as many of these creatures target and hone in on Link at once in order to maximize the chance of inflicting damage and ridding their territory of threat.Although the behavior of the Leever changes little between games and variations, they do seem to possess varying levels of vitality and strength by color. In The Legend of Zelda, there are two varieties of Leever, red and blue, with the blue type being the strongest,[5] a trend that carries on into A Link to the Past, where a standard green Leever and a slightly stronger purple variety co-exist. Attack strategy is a second characteristic added to the different Leever variations, beginning with the species seen in Link's Awakening and on through to the Oracle series. These Leevers come in three colors: red, blue, and orange. The red Leevers travel in a straight line, while the blue variety tends to zig-zag at random intervals. The orange version actively pursues Link, and notably has increased speed in comparison to its red and blue counterparts.In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, larger Leevers can spawn after defeating a certain number of standard Leevers.[how many?] It shares this trait with Stalchildren and Guays.The overall strategy to defeat any Leever, regardless of game, is to attack it with the Sword, or any quantifiable weapon used to defeat any other commonplace enemy. Usually one to three hits is enough to dispel any incarnation of the Leever. Generally, Leevers can be dodged entirely, although some incarnations make this harder due to their increased speed. In Majora's Mask, Link can completely avoid Leevers while riding on Epona.

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