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Leech Woman is one of André Toulon’s puppets and the only female puppet of the group.

Power Abilities

Vomits out electric/poisoned leeches from her mouth. As her name would suggest, Leech Woman has the unique ability to regurgitate (vomit) leeches. The leeches are seem to be either more powerful than normal leeches, they’re simply magic or poisonous, as they can kill humans fairly quickly.


Along with Blade, her genesis is shown in Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge. It is revealed there that she was actually sculpted in the image of Toulon’s wife, Elsa, who had been killed by the Nazis. He attempted to revive her in puppet form, and added the mystic leech powers so that she would be able to avenge herself. She got burned to a crisp after being thrown to the fireplace by an overweight lady named Martha. Torch and Blade avenged her death. When Robert Toulon found her, he took her home and rebuild/upgraded her with new equipment. She got a telescopic neck and a small bottomless tank on her back containing, not just poisonous leeches, but they’re also electric, as well.


  • Although she was thrown into a fireplace and seemingly destroyed during the events of Puppet Master 2, Charles Band (series creator and president of Full Moon Features) claims that she was later repaired.