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LeFou is the secondary antagonist of the 1991 Disney's feature animated film, Beauty and the Beast.


He's Gaston's bumbling, idiotic best friend as well as his right-hand man. He follows Gaston everywhere, carries out his orders even though it bothers him sometimes. LeFou is a short man with a big pink nose, a brown jacket, a red shirt, green pants and brown shoes.


LeFou appears for the first time when he picks up a bird shot by Gaston and congratulates him. When Gaston tells her that he wants to marry Belle, LeFou tries to protest, thinking it will never be possible, but is ignored. Right after, he laughs at Maurice, Belle's father, but is hit again by Gaston.

The next day, he helps Gaston organize a wedding for Belle and manages the marching band. Obviously, Belle rejects the man who attacks LeFou by throwing him into a pond, which leads LeFou to complain about his behavior.

In the evening, at the tavern, LeFou cheers up his friend and sings with the other villagers. At this moment, Maurice storms in and asks for help to save Belle, trapped in a castle by a "beast". Unfortunately, he is kicked out, the villagers believing him to be crazy. This gives Gaston an idea that he is whispering in LeFou's ear.

Together, they discuss with Monsieur D'Arque, the director of an asylum. Gaston explains his plan to intern Maurice to force Belle to marry her, which D'Arque accepts with a sadistic smile. After which, Gaston and LeFou go to Maurice and Belle's house but don't find them.

LeFou is therefore ordered to watch, while awaiting their return, which infuriates LeFou who knocks against a ledge filled with snow which falls on him.

Later, Belle brings her father home and LeFou who had disguised himself as a snowman leaves to warn Gaston. After that, a crowd of villagers come in front of the house while waiting for Maurice to be taken to the asylum. It is under the mockery of LeFou and the others that the father is carried away and Belle begs Gaston to help her. Shocked by the proposal, she refuses and shows the Beast with the magic mirror that the latter gave her. Filled with jealousy, Gaston leads LeFou, his friends and the villagers to the castle to kill the Beast under the pretext that it will kill everyone.

The whole crowd smashes down the doors of the castle and begins a fight against the lively furniture. LeFou tries to melt Lumière with a torch but is stung behind by Cogsworth. He then chases Sultan with his friends into the kitchen but gets frightened by Chef Bouche. He eventually flees the castle with the rest of the villagers and it is not known what happened to him after that.