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LazyTown's Land of Make-Believe is LazyTown's UK feature length special, the big and last theatrical film was to released to theatres on Setpember 1, 2005. Cameo appearances of Stingy, Ziggy, Trixie, and Pixel. Cause the producers are filming LazyTown's biggest adventures filmed on location at Universal Orlando Resort, Florida.


On a road trip at Embryo Library to check a book of a place where anything can happen is "The Land of Make-Believe". Cause this film was filming on the Univesal Orlando Resort set from Florida. The UK Cast - Alex, Megan, Mom, and Dad takes Sportacus and Stephanie (still stuffed plush-dolls) to the Embryo Library fill with books there. When Sportacus and Stephanie came to life. Join Sportacus, Stephanie, & the crew in "The Land of Make-Believe".

Main characters[]

  • Sportacus
  • Stephanie
  • Stingy (cameo)
  • Ziggy (cameo)
  • Trixie (cameo)
  • Pixel (cameo)
  • Alex (debut)
  • Megan (only appearance)
  • Princess Zuleeka (debut / only appearance)

UK Cast[]

  • Alex
  • Megan
  • Mom
  • Dad

Song List[]

  1. The Land of Make-Believe