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A rich playboy who falls for Pucca in the episode "Prince Not So Charming." Garu helps decide who wins the love of Pucca. Not ultimately succeed. All the girls were waiting for the rich star Lazlo Gozalotovish that falls in love with Pucca but she didn't pay any attention to him because she was trying to kiss Garu. He tries win her heart, but he does not succeed. He threw all the girls in his ship but Pucca threw him off the ship to an island where Garu was. Garu tried to say that he can be him to kiss Pucca, but Jasper thought that Garu was trying to say he accepted this plan. When Pucca realized that she was kissing Lazlo, she lured him to Tobe's house where he was beaten up badly. When he landed in Pucca's bedroom, he started to realize that if he wanted to win the heart of his love, Pucca, he would have to get rid of her former love Garu. When he sent Garu to an island, he said the biggest mistake of his life saying he got rid of Garu. Pucca became so angry, she kicked a soccer ball so hard towards him that sent him into a volcano that blew him far into the sky he landed all the way back into his ship.


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